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1 650 000
monthly visitors
$1 546 156
raised at ICO
17 633
Requests for
in the project
33 810
Users receiving BMT
on BM platform
3 338
Partners confirmed
the participation
19 735$
paid in BMT for
buying bsiness courses
ICO has ended
Period BMT price, ETH Discount Terms
Private presentation 0,000064 55% 14 Aug 2017 - 16 Aug 2017 Closed
Pre-ICO 0,000071 50% 20 Aug 2017 - 09 Sep 2017 Closed
1 period 0,000107 25% 10 Sep 2017 - 19 Sep 2017 Closed
2 period 0,000114 20% 20 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017 Closed
3 period 0,000121 15% 25 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2017 Closed
4 period 0,000143 0% 30 Sep 2017 - 10 Oct 2017 Closed
Distribution of tokens
The maximal amount of tokens 1 000 000 000 BMT 100%
The maximal amount of tokens issued for the distribution during ICO 700 000 000 BMT 70%
The maximal amount of tokens issued for the fund of participants of the affiliate program, bounty, system maintenance 200 000 000 BMT 20%
The maximal amount of tokens issued for the fund of founders and developers of the platform 100 000 000 BMT 10%
Frequently asked questions

What is the uniqueness of the BMCHAIN project?

This is a decentralized platform of social interaction, built on the industrial type blockchain. The system will allow users to convert their experience, expressed by a personal reputation factor, into financial assets. For every action, such as writing posts, publishing materials, commenting, voting, sharing knowledge, etc. the project participant will receive a reward in the form of system tokens, which can be used to purchase the services and goods of other participants and partners of the platform or exchanged for other types of financial assets in the nearest future. More...

What is BMT token?

BMT Token is the digital key to all platform capabilities and the main value transfer tool in the system, which will also act as a financial asset and payment instrument.

Ethereum blockchain - an Ethereum network, within which BMT token is issued to ensure transparency, invariability and reliability of transactions and interactions between participants.

The owners of BMT tokens will have a wide range of applications, starting with the monetization of their experience in the BMCHAIN project, ending with the opportunity to purchase any services of BMCHAIN specialists and partners around the world. Totally 700,000,000 tokens will be distributed during ICO.

How to join the affiliate program?

Anyone who has a website, blog or social network account can participate in the BMCHAIN affiliate program. The reward size is from 3 to 10% from each transaction sent by the referral depending on the amount of referrals transactions, and is paid in BMT tokens to the Ethereum wallet specified during registration in the affiliate program. More...

When will the BMCHAIN platform be launched?

The launch of the first platform version is planned for the end of 2017 with the development on the Steemit basis of its own technologies and solutions. The created functional will allow any participant of the system to receive tokens for every useful action and start building their digital reputation, exchanging useful knowledge, experience, materials with participants around the world.

How to create and refill the Ethereum wallet?

To participate in ICO BMCHAIN you need to go to the participant's account. The interface of the account is designed in such a way that even an inexperienced user can take part in ICO. In the personal account of BMCHAIN TDI you will be provided with generated unique public key (your wallet address) and a private key (access password) that you need to keep in a safe place. After saving the wallet, you can start refilling it. The most expeditious way to do this is through an exchanger like Changelly, where you can convert USD from your bank card into ETH and send them to your personal Ethereum wallet address (public key) created earlier.
It is necessary to take into account, that the minimum deposit is 0.11 ETH including the primary network commission. After depositing you will need to return to your account and send the transaction to the contract address. Tokens will be credited automatically. In case you make a transaction before September 10, the first tokens will be credited to your balance on September 10, 2017. More...

What is the investment attractiveness of BMCHAIN?

We strive to make participation in the project profitable for many users already at the stage of its development, therefore we offer the most favorable conditions for early participants.
Early tokensale participants receive a special discount of 50% for the purchase of the first BMT tokens. Thus, the earlier you participate, the lower the cost of tokens is for you and the more tokens you can get compared to the participants in subsequent rounds. Already at the end of ICO, the cost of the token will be doubled and will reach 0.000143 ETH. Entering the exchanges and increasing the number of participants and partners around the world, as well as an increase in demand for BMT token, will positively affect the token value, positively influencing the benefit of its holder.

Blockchain and everyday life

For the majority of people Blockchain is just an unclear phrase or the name of another bubble. Nevertheless, Blockchain is the thing of the future. At the moment, projects using it don't have ultimate utility for the vast majority of people. This is the main market gap.

Each of us helped someone or a lot of people. We found ourselves useful to other people and received gratitude for this. In some situations we exceeded our customers' expectations, offering more than they expected to get for their money.

The solution created by us allows everyone to say thank you for the benefit received and everyone who deserves it to receive it in the form of tokens (digital asset) to their accounts. The accumulation of tokens and the amount of gratitudes will increase your reputation and thereby will multiply the size of each subsequent gratitude.

The most valuable thing
a person has is the reputation.
By now it can be objectively
evaluated and turned into money.
Project's Roadmap
Development of Biznes Molodost community members' digital reputation convertible into real money
Creation of API allowing to develop business projects on Blockchain without special knowledge of this technology
Development of Blockchain solutions designer for business allowing to improve its profitability
Development of the global payment system on industrial Blockchain with free transactions for sellers
Become a member Whitepaper*

* document describing the technical and organizational structure of the project

The basis of
Biznes Molodost community
member's digital reputation
— social and business
  • Creation of unique useful materials on the business theme on the content platform with their rating and author's reputation paid
  • Implementation of common projects between the participants and business contracts with a positive result (based on Smart Contract)
  • Searching (through search engine and catalogues) for contractors according to the level of their digital reputation, and not the size of the advertising budget and the marketing specialist's skill
  • Each member of the community is its investor
  • Social activity (likes, comments, etc.) and assessing other participants and interaction with them
  • Exchange of collected tokens for goods and services within the business community
  • Exchange of contacts and answers to questions
  • Purchase of Biznes Molodost products
Blockchain business
solutions designerTokenAPI
Online service, allowing in 2 clicks to create
the personal digital asset and list it on the exchange.
The token can be handled through popular wallets
or through simple API.
Comparison of global
payment systems
Price in billions of
per second
24 000
50 000
Transaction price
in dollars
Technology of the solution
ensuring secure payments
minimum cost
Initial token
Fast and free
stealth dna
data storage
Whitepaper* Become a member

* document describing the technical and organizational structure of the project

Investment attractiveness
  • BM is one of the largest well known communities which basis and tools allow carrying out quick and sufficient research to create the most effective model of targeted communication in the world.
  • The value of BMT token will grow along with the growth of the project audience and the engagement of new partners. The value of Biznes Molodost and its effectiveness have been already proven. BM is actively developing, constantly growing through the practical application of the most advanced technologies and solutions.
  • Immediately after the launch, more than 10 BM projects will be connected to the BMCHAIN network, which already now brings profit to their creators.
  • Ensuring real demand for the reputation monetization.
  • The possibility to earn not only by means of the capitalization growth, but also participating in company’s projects and the development of the community.
  • In the first year the project audience will exceed 500 000 people.
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Implementation in a number of products
Main content site
— BMT tokens are credited for social
activity with the possibility of
exchanging them for BM products
BM Bullet platform
— the best BMT token
compliant landing page designer
BM Training platform
— BMT tokens are credited
for successful completion of
tasks and creation of useful materials
Business Radar — BMT token
compliant messenger of the
community and Business Tinder
for a search of trustworthy people
and companies-сontractors
Application for BM Reki
settlement residents
developed to organize
the best life of community
Our partners
Coffee and the city 30 coffee shops
Villa Carte Premium villas in Thailand
Professional business coach
Безкрышефф Car and yachts rental service
Project founders
Mikhail Dashkiev
General partner
Petr Osipov
General partner
Alexander Sagoun
Project manager
Alexander Shakirov
Project founder
Roman Moiseyev
Technological partner,
project conception author
Vladimir Mokeyev
Dr. Tech. Sc,
scientific advisor
Dmitry Kulikov
Blockchain developer,
smart-contracts expert
Andrey Mokeyev
Key developer,
smart-contracts expert
Kirill Bedin
System engineer
Yuliya Slozhenikina
PR manager
Ruslan Khusnutdinov
Creative director
Renat Biktagirov
BM Platform key developer
Aleksey Boyev
Technological partner
Andrey Zeps
Project manager
Project creators

Biznes Molodost

Entrepreneurs community

«Entrepreneurs battle»
has been nominated by
the Guinness Book of Records,
as the most ambitious
2 367 000
active participants
in the community
cities and 13 countries
having regional BM
280 000
having completed commercial
training courses
for 6 years
5 000
undergo training
every 3 months


Applied Innovations

BNP Paribas
Telstra Network Disruptions
Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification
Santander Customer Satisfaction
Approved by Skolkovo
Enterpreneurs community
Polypropylene film
Analytics of processes
Business management services
Annual turnover of
companies is over
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