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2018-12-01 00:00:00 Developer Diary: mobile version of BMT-game and token purchase simplification

The new year starts with new forces! Running the first stage of beta testing of the future platform two months ahead of schedule, the developer team isn’t going to slow down the pace. And while the next patch of the test platform is being prepared, work on longer-term tasks is being done. One of them is the implementation of the closed content placement service in the posts. In the future it’ll become that part of the system that helps users expand the scope of the token use. That is, the user of the platform won’t be limited to earnings only by clicking “likes”. Thanks to the closed content service, you can insert a text section into the post, which other users can only open after payment to the author. For example, some insider information or a link can be closed. At the moment, the technical part of this function is almost finished, but it won’t reach the test client before February-March.

The next service, which is being prepared by the developers, — the ability to send users personal messages through the platform. This function was already provided in the Steemit kernel, but the final implementation wasn’t completed and required further development.

For the convenience of a large customer number, BM is working on an application to simplify the purchase of tokens for fiat. Precise mechanics are only just being developed, but the main goal is to create a site, that will make the process of tokens purchasing will be easier and faster, literally, in a few clicks. Moreover, an additional issue won’t be launched for the site — if the allocated reserve is completed in the process of work, additional volume will be purchased on the exchange.

One more area of work outside the platform is worth noting— a game for mobile phones. At the end of December, the game concept with the use of the BMT token was developed, the participants of which will not only compete with each other, but will also have the opportunity to exchange the winning for valuable prizes at a special cost!

Stay tuned and do not miss the launch of new features and applications!