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2018-08-02 00:00:00 Reputation is the main user’s parameter on BMCHAIN platform

What price would you pay to know for sure how quickly and accurately the contractor will cope with your task? Or to be sure that the customer will pay for your work without delay? For this matter blockchain technology works much better than traditional options, in which all negative reviews could be removed, and the history of operations — cleaned up. That is the reason why lots of banks, government agencies and big companies are planning to use blockchain in their operations.

Reputation is the most important indicator on the BMCHAIN platform. It consists of user's votes for the post and is used as a multiplier of token accrual and monetization of usefulness. Also it is planned to use the scale of user’s activity in the calculation of reputation.

And what will it mean for the most ordinary user of the platform? The answer may greatly vary depending on his goals, but the most important things will be the reliability of the content and the fair assessment of what he creates.

It means that the author’s work will be evaluated depending on the quality of his text, and his fee will be higher each time when more and more useful posts he creates. Also this will help to those customers who are looking for authors for their posts — they will be available to see the entire history of the contractor's work not just carefully selected examples. And the possibilities do not end on this.

Besides the author with great reputation can earn more for himself also his gratitude to other users will give them more reward and reputation points. As it is delegated to this user to promote an interesting content faster, because his vote is stronger than have other users with lower reputation rate.

So the Reputation on the platform is needed to motivate user to create a high-quality content. Which will be interested for the wide variety of readers and authors.